Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sunday funday.

Last Sunday we packed up ol' Betsy and took Sarah down to our favourite place for a much needed beach day. We tried to explain how this "beach day" would probably be unlike anything she had ever done before, but I still am not sure she really understood until we got there.

9 September 2012- beach000

It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend which meant parts of the beach were pretty crazy with all of the people that had been driving back and forth over the weekend. As Max crazily drove ol' Betsy down the beach, Sarah just laughed and hung on tight in the back seat with Byron. I think her exact words were, "You guys are just way to used to this!"

9 September 2012- beach001

Since it was Sarah's first 4-wheel driving adventure with us, we stopped at the typical tourist spots on the beach so that she could get the whole picture of what Cooloola National Park was all about.

9 September 2012- beach006

9 September 2012- beach008

9 September 2012- beach002

9 September 2012- beach003

9 September 2012- beach004

9 September 2012- beach007

9 September 2012- beach009

Afterwards, we drove down to our favourite spot for a little picnic lunch.

9 September 2012- beach010

Max and Sarah were convinced they were going to go for a surf once we got to Double Island. But just as we predicted, it was pretty completely flat.... and the water is still FREEZING!

9 September 2012- beach011

9 September 2012- beach013

Wait... what is that?!?!

9 September 2012- beach012


9 September 2012- beach015

Nope, dolphins :)

9 September 2012- beach016

9 September 2012- beach014

We decided this was the most redneck picture ever so I just had to share it with y'all. Barefoot and pregnant laying on the beach behind the dirty car with the trash bag hanging from the trailer hitch, haha. Doesn't get better than that my friends :)

9 September 2012- beach017

Attempting to get a little sun on my VERY white body.

9 September 2012- beach018

After lunch and a bit of sunshine, we packed up and headed to the other side of the point.

9 September 2012- beach021

This is the spot where Max proposed and so he wanted to reenact the moment and tell little baby de Baugy how it all went down.

9 September 2012- beach019

We can't remember what was going on here, but apparently it was pretty funny!

9 September 2012- beach020

9 September 2012- beach022

After that Byron took a turn driving- don't worry, they do this all the time :)

9 September 2012- beach023

And just before we packed up to leave, Max went for his first swim of the season...

9 September 2012- beach025

While Sarah, Byron and I watched.

9 September 2012- beach024

I mean, it was FREEZING! Just look at his face!

9 September 2012- beach026

9 September 2012- beach028

9 September 2012- beach027

Yep, Sunday was a fun day :)


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