Wednesday, September 19, 2012

our weekend.

After a few busy weeks of feeling great and pushing myself to do more, see more, play more- I crashed. It happened on Wednesday night and I spent all day Thursday trying to pretend I was completely fine but knowing just under the surface I was fading fast. After a 7:30pm bedtime and almost two straight days of continuous sleep, I woke up just in time to throw on a dress and jump in the car with Max to go out for my birthday dinner.

And just like a crazy birthday miracle, I found a pre-pregnancy dress in our closet that actually almost fit!!

Bam! Found a pre prego dress that halfway fits!! Whoo hoo! Birthday dinner here I come :)

I may not have had time to shower, but I was rested and wearing a dress that didn't make me feel like a cow- and two out of three ain't bad these days!

The 2.5 days of sleep must have done something crazy to my mind because when we woke up on Sunday I was ready to reorganise and de-clutter our entire house. I kid you not- I went through every room in our house throwing out junk, washing sheets, organising drawers, VACUUMING CRUMBS OUT OF KITCHEN SHELVES.... it was insane I tell you!

Other things that happened around our house this weekend included the washing of itty-bitty baby clothes....

16 September 2012- lazy sunday000

16 September 2012- lazy sunday001

And the refinishing of a cool, old table we found on ebay that will soon live in our room as my new makeup and hair station (if that is even a real thing...).

16 September 2012- lazy sunday002   

16 September 2012- lazy sunday005

16 September 2012- lazy sunday004

16 September 2012- lazy sunday003

And just incase you were wondering how long my crazy energy, I feel great spirt lasted- Monday afternoon around 4pm I crashed again. Just in time for a our 3 HOUR birth class.

Sigh... aren't the last few weeks of pregnancy just a joy :)

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