Wednesday, September 5, 2012

back in action.

Sooo... I have taken an accidental two week break while I gathered my brain and did just about nothing. But have no fear friends- I am back in action! Well, I am going to try really hard to be "back" as much as first time pregnant lady can be :)  It is funny to look back over my blog and see the exact months when I have clearly not been completely with it. April, coming in with only six posts (first trimester morning sickness!) and August, with only seven (fat and lazy and tired sickness! And yes, that is a real sickness for those of you who have never grown a human before).

To be honest though, these last few weeks I feel like I have been struggling with more than just laziness. So many things seemed to happen in a very short time period and I honestly found myself a bit down. I wasn't interested in doing ANYTHING. I was sick and sad and just really struggling with I guess what people might call pregnancy blues. I didn't want to cook. I didn't want to hang out with people. I didn't want to work. I didn't even feel like taking pictures. I was just BLAH!

But this weekend I decided enough was enough and I was going to feel better! So I guess this means my "back in action" mantra is more than just getting back to blogging. It is getting back to life- being happy, enjoying the sunshine, talking to people. You know, that kind of stuff :)

Now that that is behind us, on to more pressing matters like the overwhelming fear of your first ever PARENTHOOD CLASS!!!! Ahhhhh!

... Our first class, yikes!

After a long weekend away in Sydney (more to come on that later) we arrived back to Brisbane just in time for our 30ish week doctor appointment.  THANKFULLY the midwife asked us when we had scheduled to attend our classes because we both had completely forgotten about them! In the midst of losing my mind and falling into a hole, I had forgotten to turn the page on our calendar and we almost missed our very first class. 

Mother-to-be parenting fail (only to be followed by many, many more I am sure).


Needless to say, we made it to our class ON TIME and in once piece- phew!


After three hours, a long lesson on the stages of labour, spilling my cup of hot chocolate all over the floor and one epidural demonstration by the fathers in the room, we walked out of our first class with one thought in our minds...

Bring on the drugs cause that $*!# looks scary!!!


Here's hoping next Monday goes a little smoother- meaning there will be no videos or talk of blood and guts, thankyouverymuch!


Well my friends, so ends my hiatus of being in a hole. I am BACK and will see you all tomorrow with a recap of our anniversary trip back in time to the very place my journey here is Oz began. A little place I like to call Sydney. Heard of it??

Circular Quay Sydney

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!

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