Friday, September 7, 2012

a day as tourists.

Day two of our exploration of Sydney was done in total tourist style, complete with a backpack and large camera hanging around my neck (Jen Zei style circa 2006!).

1 September 2012- Sydney046

We started with a walk through the city and down Pitt Street where we found a maternity store (Max was overjoyed as you can imagine). After nearly an hour of trying on clothes, we left empty handed and decided maternity clothes are overrated :) So if you see me walking around with my belly hanging out or in my husband’s t-shits over the next 8 weeks, don't be alarmed- we have just boycotted overpriced fat clothes with stretchy waistbands.

1 September 2012- Sydney045

Our next stop was Circular Quay, where all of the quintessential Sydney attractions can be found.

1 September 2012- Sydney047

Such as a man playing the didgeridoo....

1 September 2012- Sydney048

The Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.  Can you believe my Australian husband had never seen the Opera House before?!?

1 September 2012- Sydney049

[Cue photo sequence of us and the bridge...]

1 September 2012- Sydney050

1 September 2012- Sydney051

Each year on our annual anniversary trip we take a picture of ourselves with a sign stating what year anniversary we are celebrating. Of course we weren't organised enough to make the sign beforehand so I sat in front of the Opera House in the sunshine and drew a kindergarten style drawing...

1 September 2012- Sydney053

with this behind me....

1 September 2012- Sydney052

and this in front of me. Not a bad view I say!

1 September 2012- Sydney054

1 September 2012- Sydney056

1 September 2012- Sydney057

1 September 2012- Sydney058

After that we walked around the Opera House and both got repremanded by strangers within a ten minute time period.

1 September 2012- Sydney060

Max was told off by the security guard this doing this.... :)

1 September 2012- Sydney061

And I had a strange woman ask me, "Should you really be doing THAT in your state??"  I mean, I was only pretending to jump.

1 September 2012- Sydney072

We took that as our cue to leave the Opera House and hopped on a ferry over to Manly Beach.

1 September 2012- Sydney063

1 September 2012- Sydney062

[the best view of the Opera House is from the water]

1 September 2012- Sydney064

As soon as we got on the ferry, the weather changed and the freezing wind and rough seas rolled in.

1 September 2012- Sydney066

[.... just realised I spelled harbour wrong in the picture below...]

1 September 2012- Sydney065

Once we arrived in Manly is was cold and grey.

1 September 2012- Sydney067


1 September 2012- Sydney068


1 September 2012- Sydney069

1 September 2012- Sydney073

But of course, it is never too cold for ice cream!

1 September 2012- Sydney070

1 September 2012- Sydney071

After a few hours of walking around the beach, we headed back to Circular Quay to meet up with Scott and Andrew for dinner.

It was a great day full of typically tourists things!

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