Tuesday, August 7, 2012

what's in a name.

Okay friends- so naming your unborn child is really hard!

29 July 2012- baby name001

Yes, it is true. We still have no idea what to name this little baby boy growing inside my tummy. A few weeks ago while I was wandering around on my lunch break, I walked into a bookstore and found this little book on the $5 table. After several minutes of deep contemplation about the kind of mother I was if I needed a book to help me name my child, I found myself at the counter handing over my $5 note.

Now I never thought I would be the kind of parent to buy a naming book for their child. Honestly, I always thought people who bought these types of books must be missing some kind of parenting gene because what kind of parent can't think of a name for the first born child?!?

Well, it turns out WE are the kind of parents who can't think of a name for this little guy!

29 July 2012- baby name002

After I bought this book I actually sat down and read the entire first chapter about the process of choosing a name and how people actually do this. Sad. I know.

29 July 2012- baby name004

But in true Aussie fashion, it was written with humor and whit and made me laugh about the struggle of choosing a name because, let's be honest, it will happen. We will eventually decide on a name that we love and in the end it won't even be about the name. It will be about the person attached to it that we love.

29 July 2012- baby name003

So until then we will continue to randomly text, call and shout out boy's names until something feels just right :)

ps. all suggestions are welcome!


  1. I like Rufus! He he. Nathan is also a dam fine name. Ha ha ha. Not that I am bias :)

  2. Aww good luck!! The only suggestions I would have are on my list for one day down the road ;) And the P.S. note in the last picture is hilarious!

  3. I don't know... Moonbat de Baugy sounds pretty good... haha. Good luck with the name game!


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