Wednesday, August 15, 2012

third trimester.

Well, we have officially hit  7 months and entered our third trimester! Unfortunately this hasn't been the best week of my life and to top everything off I seem to have caught some kind of flu/cold along with an ear and throat infection... sigh.

  15 August 2012- 7 months003 

On the bright side- all of the baby supplies we ordered from the US arrived last week and the nursery is really coming along :)  A special thanks to my mom and dad for all of their hard work in helping us get this stuff all the way over here and to my sister who has been more than generous with a huge amount of secondhand clothes from my baby nephew Jack. It is hard to believe that a baby will actually fit into some of that tiny, tiny stuff!

15 August 2012- 7 months001

Here is a sneak peek at our nursery ideas.... and before you get too excited, the name blocks that say "Hayden" are just an example of the name blocks I am going to make, not his actual name :)

Lachlan's Nursery

And finally, the past few weeks through instagram: sake, sleepy boys and gender reveal party photo shoot. 

15 August 2012- 7 months000

And that, my friends, is all my sick brain can come up with tonight. xoxo

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