Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2 years.

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!




Here's to many, many more crazy adventures to come.

ps. I am sorry I gave you my flu as an anniversary gift :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

and now you are a mamma.

On Thursday evening (Atlanta time) Tillman Michael Dunn entered the world and my best friend became a mother.


It is funny how surreal it feels when your best friend becomes a real life mamma for the first time. I had nearly 10 months to prepare myself for this moment. To make sense of what was going to happen.  Sure there were many, many texts about baby names, weight gain, weird cravings, giant boobs and pictures of our growing baby bumps- but it still feels crazy.


Weren’t we thirteen just yesterday- talking about boys and passing notes in the hall at school? I mean, are we really old enough, mature enough to be mothers?!? To be responsible for someone else’s life???


The answer- yes, of course we are!!


In the midst of all that has happened over the last week and a half, one thing has really outshined all the rest- pure joy over the birth of a child who was so loved even before we knew it. He entered the world at just the right time. A time when this family was wondering how to move forward. How to look past tomorrow. How to deal with feelings of overwhelming grief and maybe even some anger about what seemed like the most untimely passing of a loved one. I guess that is what is so amazing about the human race. We are able to overcome, to move forward, to put the needs of our babies first even when we might feel like the world around us is falling apart. While I couldn’t physically be there to watch my best friend become a mother for the first time, I saw something so amazing happen. She smiled again. She feels an overwhelming love for this little tiny person she doesn’t even know yet. She now see so much hope for her future, for her family's future.

While the coming days, months and years will be filled with sorrow about the passing of her own father, life will continue on and we will all come to better understand God’s plan for what just happened. It certainly won’t be easy or a straight path that leads directly to understanding and acceptance- but it will be a journey filled with joy and hope that things will become more clear and love will continue on through new memories and happy times.

Congratulations Ginny and John Michael! I can't wait to meet this little miracle in person and cuddle him for hours!! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

third trimester.

Well, we have officially hit  7 months and entered our third trimester! Unfortunately this hasn't been the best week of my life and to top everything off I seem to have caught some kind of flu/cold along with an ear and throat infection... sigh.

  15 August 2012- 7 months003 

On the bright side- all of the baby supplies we ordered from the US arrived last week and the nursery is really coming along :)  A special thanks to my mom and dad for all of their hard work in helping us get this stuff all the way over here and to my sister who has been more than generous with a huge amount of secondhand clothes from my baby nephew Jack. It is hard to believe that a baby will actually fit into some of that tiny, tiny stuff!

15 August 2012- 7 months001

Here is a sneak peek at our nursery ideas.... and before you get too excited, the name blocks that say "Hayden" are just an example of the name blocks I am going to make, not his actual name :)

Lachlan's Nursery

And finally, the past few weeks through instagram: sake, sleepy boys and gender reveal party photo shoot. 

15 August 2012- 7 months000

And that, my friends, is all my sick brain can come up with tonight. xoxo

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

mr t.

To a beautiful man who will be truly missed:

14 August 2012- Mr T000

Living overseas means that the last time I was able to wrap my arms around Mr T and tell him how thankful I am for his guidance, friendship and love was on our wedding day two years ago. The picture below truly encompasses all of who Dave was and is with this tight squeeze, kind words and huge smile.

14 August 2012- Mr T001

Thank you so much for all you have given me in my life. For including me as part of your family, ensuring we changed Gin's bed sheets every weekend, taking me on college visits, being there to celebrate birthdays and graduations, offering to iron our school clothes, keeping us on our toes with your witty and honest sense of humour and serving as a role model for what a wonderful and loving marriage looks like. You will be missed and thought of often as we welcome your newest grandson into the world in just a few days, raise our children and continue your legacy through them.

Much love and admiration from your third, unofficial daughter.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

spice it up.

We are slowly.... very slowly... preparing the nursery for our little bub.  I have so many ideas but have to keep reminding myself that it is just a place for him to sleep and spending $600 to wallpaper one wall with this amazing wallpaper would probably be a little over the top... damn.

Anywho- I have slowing been coming up with some other (much cheaper and easier) ways to spice things up. Easy. Obvious. Fun.

5 August 2012- bookshelf000

1 x white bookshelf and 1 x can of golden yellow spray paint.

Looks so much better though, right?
5 August 2012- bookshelf001

Much more to come on our nursery updates once my packages arrive from Florida :)  Until then- maybe think about spicing up your life with a little colour!?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

what's in a name.

Okay friends- so naming your unborn child is really hard!

29 July 2012- baby name001

Yes, it is true. We still have no idea what to name this little baby boy growing inside my tummy. A few weeks ago while I was wandering around on my lunch break, I walked into a bookstore and found this little book on the $5 table. After several minutes of deep contemplation about the kind of mother I was if I needed a book to help me name my child, I found myself at the counter handing over my $5 note.

Now I never thought I would be the kind of parent to buy a naming book for their child. Honestly, I always thought people who bought these types of books must be missing some kind of parenting gene because what kind of parent can't think of a name for the first born child?!?

Well, it turns out WE are the kind of parents who can't think of a name for this little guy!

29 July 2012- baby name002

After I bought this book I actually sat down and read the entire first chapter about the process of choosing a name and how people actually do this. Sad. I know.

29 July 2012- baby name004

But in true Aussie fashion, it was written with humor and whit and made me laugh about the struggle of choosing a name because, let's be honest, it will happen. We will eventually decide on a name that we love and in the end it won't even be about the name. It will be about the person attached to it that we love.

29 July 2012- baby name003

So until then we will continue to randomly text, call and shout out boy's names until something feels just right :)

ps. all suggestions are welcome!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

date night.

Last weekend I decided to plan a little birthday-date night surprise for Max. Since his birthday fell in a school night and he had already gotten his birthday present a few weeks before, I felt like we needed to do something a little special for the old man :) so putt putt it was!!

28 July 2012- putt putt008

28 July 2012- putt putt001

28 July 2012- putt putt009

Max has been talking about going here for a game of putt putt for exactly 3 years and 24.5 days so I thought it time to make his request a reality.

28 July 2012- putt putt003

28 July 2012- putt putt006

28 July 2012- putt putt005

So late on Saturday we played a round of 18 holes (with every single other person in Brisbane- it was packed!).

28 July 2012- putt putt007

28 July 2012- putt putt002

28 July 2012- putt putt010

After a hail mary comeback in the second half (okay- not exactly putt putt terminology...) I came back to win the game by 3 strokes. Sweet victory was mine!!

28 July 2012- putt putt004

After a quick change in the car, we headed straight to the city for a fancy grownup dinner at Cha Cha Char!

Only the best for my baby's daddy :)
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