Monday, July 16, 2012

our weekend through instagram.

Shopping with the boys and a work trip to freezing Canberra (quite possibly my last flight without a baby...).


A little look at some teenage boy toys...

A trip to the remote control car shop...

With the big boys and the little boy :)


On Sunday afternoon I boarded a Qantas flight to Canberra, our nation's capital :)

[inland Australia somewhere between Brisbane and Canberra]

After checking in to my hotel where the TV knew my name (clearly I don't get out much because I thought this was really cool) I headed out to explore the area before the sun went down.

I had to walk for 2 blocks before I found another person, but as soon as I did, I also found this ice skating rink- confirming my thoughts that Canberra is officially FREEZING!

And the best part of staying in a nice hotel on a work trip- a hot shower, room service and some Master Chef on TV!

Only to wake up and find this weather the next morning... 

But hey, at least it is going to be sunny! 

Have a good (warm) week friends.

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