Monday, July 9, 2012

finders keepers.

After a fun Friday night at the Gold Coast for our friend, Ainsley's 40th birthday, we found ourselves wondering around the Finders Keepers Market at the Old Museum in Herston on Saturday monring.

7 July 2012- market012

It is a market that is held in several cities around Australia throughout the year and this weekend it was right here in Brisbane at this lovely old museum!

7 July 2012- market011

The market was full of stalls packed with handmade goodies.

7 July 2012- market014

I think Max put it best when he said it was like but in real life.

7 July 2012- market016

7 July 2012- market008

Everything there was made with love by artists from all around Australia.

7 July 2012- market001

7 July 2012- market003

7 July 2012- market009

I just can't resist an old brick wall!

7 July 2012- market019

7 July 2012- market002

Along with all of the cool artwork and unique ideas, there were hundreds of artys people walking around shopping their hearts out.

7 July 2012- market017

7 July 2012- market004

7 July 2012- market005

My poor husband felt just a little out of place in his t-shirt and thongs (flip flops), hehe.

7 July 2012- market006

7 July 2012- market015

Along with all of the stalls, they had this whole grassy area full of food (like this GIANT sausage) and live music.

7 July 2012- market007

We soaked up the alternative fashion, marvaled at the stylish dressed kids and walked away with nothing but a garlic bagel and cream cheese.

7 July 2012- market018

It was a lovely Saturday morning if you ask me :)

7 July 2012- market013

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