Saturday, August 4, 2012

date night.

Last weekend I decided to plan a little birthday-date night surprise for Max. Since his birthday fell in a school night and he had already gotten his birthday present a few weeks before, I felt like we needed to do something a little special for the old man :) so putt putt it was!!

28 July 2012- putt putt008

28 July 2012- putt putt001

28 July 2012- putt putt009

Max has been talking about going here for a game of putt putt for exactly 3 years and 24.5 days so I thought it time to make his request a reality.

28 July 2012- putt putt003

28 July 2012- putt putt006

28 July 2012- putt putt005

So late on Saturday we played a round of 18 holes (with every single other person in Brisbane- it was packed!).

28 July 2012- putt putt007

28 July 2012- putt putt002

28 July 2012- putt putt010

After a hail mary comeback in the second half (okay- not exactly putt putt terminology...) I came back to win the game by 3 strokes. Sweet victory was mine!!

28 July 2012- putt putt004

After a quick change in the car, we headed straight to the city for a fancy grownup dinner at Cha Cha Char!

Only the best for my baby's daddy :)


  1. um this is cute n all but you and your belly are freakin adorable! E

  2. Look at that belly! You are too cute.


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