Friday, July 27, 2012

barefoot bowls.

Last weekend we celebrated Thomas' 40th birthday with a big party at a chic lounge bar on Saturday night and a good ol' fashion game of barefoot lawn bowls on Sunday afternoon!

22 July 2012- bowls000

After a late night celebrating with friends the evening before, an afternoon game of barefoot lawn bowls was just everyone needed.

22 July 2012- bowls019

So at 1pm on Sunday afternoon we met up with Tom, Nerissa and Nerissa's family for a few hours on the green :)

22 July 2012- bowls002

22 July 2012- bowls003

I am not sure of the exact history behind this game, but there are "bowls clubs" all over Australia! 

22 July 2012- bowls016

22 July 2012- bowls004

22 July 2012- bowls013

[the birthday boy- playing with a drink in his hand of course!]

22 July 2012- bowls005

Lawn bowls is traditionally known as an older person's game so I thought it was very fitting that Nerissa planned to play a few games on Thomas' actual 40th birthday. You know, just to make sure we were getting him familiar with his future as a 40 something :)

22 July 2012- bowls006

22 July 2012- bowls014

This was the first time I had played barefoot bowls and let me tell you... I was awful!

22 July 2012- bowls017

22 July 2012- bowls008

22 July 2012- bowls015

22 July 2012- bowls009

The object of the game- to get your teams ball closest to the white ball at the other end of the green.

22 July 2012- bowls010

22 July 2012- bowls018

Sounds easy doesn't it?!?
22 July 2012- bowls011

22 July 2012- bowls012

Happy birthday Thomas!!!

22 July 2012- bowls007

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