Monday, July 30, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

barefoot bowls.

Last weekend we celebrated Thomas' 40th birthday with a big party at a chic lounge bar on Saturday night and a good ol' fashion game of barefoot lawn bowls on Sunday afternoon!

22 July 2012- bowls000

After a late night celebrating with friends the evening before, an afternoon game of barefoot lawn bowls was just everyone needed.

22 July 2012- bowls019

So at 1pm on Sunday afternoon we met up with Tom, Nerissa and Nerissa's family for a few hours on the green :)

22 July 2012- bowls002

22 July 2012- bowls003

I am not sure of the exact history behind this game, but there are "bowls clubs" all over Australia! 

22 July 2012- bowls016

22 July 2012- bowls004

22 July 2012- bowls013

[the birthday boy- playing with a drink in his hand of course!]

22 July 2012- bowls005

Lawn bowls is traditionally known as an older person's game so I thought it was very fitting that Nerissa planned to play a few games on Thomas' actual 40th birthday. You know, just to make sure we were getting him familiar with his future as a 40 something :)

22 July 2012- bowls006

22 July 2012- bowls014

This was the first time I had played barefoot bowls and let me tell you... I was awful!

22 July 2012- bowls017

22 July 2012- bowls008

22 July 2012- bowls015

22 July 2012- bowls009

The object of the game- to get your teams ball closest to the white ball at the other end of the green.

22 July 2012- bowls010

22 July 2012- bowls018

Sounds easy doesn't it?!?
22 July 2012- bowls011

22 July 2012- bowls012

Happy birthday Thomas!!!

22 July 2012- bowls007

Thursday, July 26, 2012

birthday boy.

Wishing a very special birthday to my short short wearing....

26 July 2012- birthday002

freckled face smiling....

26 July 2012- birthday000

car loving husband!

26 July 2012- birthday001

your loving wife :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

sights and sounds of canberra.

Last week I flew down to Canberra for a work trip and was lucky enough to get a chance to visit a whole range of popular tourists attractions as well. Here are a few of the place I saw via my iphone camera.

High Court of Australia.



Some of our group. Apparently everyone in Canberra wears black in the winter. If only my red coat still fit over my pregnant body!


Australian War Memorial.





Australian Institute of Sport.

We were in a conference most of this visit so I didn't get a change to take any pictures, but it was a pretty cool place.

Australian National Botanic Gardens





Australian National University

Again, no pictures from here but it is a big university in Canberra.







And a scenic view from the bus...


And what else happened while I was in Canberra? Well, I turned 6 months pregnant :)


Thursday, July 19, 2012

express yourself.

Remember the old Nokia phone covers where you could switch them out every day of the week? Well now you can do the same with your iphone but on the cheap by making them yourself!

30 June 2012- phone cover006

What you need:

  • scrapbook paper
  • clear iphone case
  • scissors
  • pen

30 June 2012- phone cover001

30 June 2012- phone cover000


30 June 2012- phone cover002

30 June 2012- phone cover003


30 June 2012- phone cover007

Check size and trim

30 June 2012- phone cover004


30 June 2012- phone cover005
(idea sourced from here)

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