Wednesday, June 13, 2012

sneak peak.

A little sneak peak into our upcoming gender reveal....

First up, finding the perfect box for our balloons. Appliance store recycle bin here we come!

10 June 2012- box000

It has been raining for days now and if you know anything about rain and cardboard, this little job wasn't so easy.

10 June 2012- box001

So into the dumpster went my husband. What a good sport :)

10 June 2012- box002


10 June 2012- box003

The end product.

10 June 2012- box004

Along with this giant box, there has been a pink and blue explosion in our guest room....

10 June 2012- pink and blue000

10 June 2012- pink and blue001

And for the rest, well you will just have to wait until Saturday to see :)

Belly update at 18 weeks, 6 days:

11 June 2012- 18 wks 6 days000


  1. Ahhhh Michelle, I hope u have a girl then her and my little Maya can go to Honesdale PA.. And be co-counselors!! I'm really all about this plan happening not going to lie!! But whatever sex the baby is it will beautiful just like mommy!!! Hope everything is just wonderful with u, but from your blog I am assuming it is!!


  2. What a cute idea! PS you look fantastic!! :) such a cute little bump

  3. Oh my gosh! That is so exciting! I LOVE your box. : ) What a fun thing to do!

  4. Love it!!!!! Looks like it's going to be one great party! Wish I could be there!!! You look great!

  5. I'm planning to be there via live streaming. Wouldn't miss it for anything! Thanks for arranging this for those of us who cannot be with you!! Hope it all works as planned.

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