Monday, June 25, 2012

my so called life.

Firstly, remember that show? My So-Called Life. I was a little young for it, but I clearly remember my older sister watching it and me thinking that she was just like Claire Danes with the dramas of high school boyfriends and sneaky neighbourhood parties. This also brings back memories of me sneaking in to said older sister's bedroom to listen to her Weezer and Cranberries CDs when she wasn’t home. So I wanted to be just like her, no biggie! 

But this post isn’t about my sister or awesome 90’s music, it is about random things and thoughts. That’s all :)

19 June 2012- instagram1
  • If you didn’t know already, we have the sweetest cat in the world. He isn’t very smart, but that Toby- he loves him some cuddles! Every night as we sit and veg on the couch, Toby climbs up into one of our laps and makes himself as comfortable as possible. And every night after about 10 minutes of holding him, Max begs me to take a picture of him and his sleeping cat. Every. Night. Same cat. Same couch. Same crazy husband. I must have 12 pictures of Max and Toby curled up on the couch from various days over the last few weeks.


  • We are currently house shopping and let me tell you, it ain’t that great!  I always imagined house shopping would be this great experience where you were picked up my an extremely nice lady in a beautifully clean BMW and driven around to dozens of dreams houses. All within your budget. All satisfying your wish list. All with beautiful clean floors and the smell of fresh baked cookies wafting through the air. Man was I wrong! I spend hours every week (with the help and keen eye of my friend Peggy) looking at overpriced, dirty, old, disgusting houses on Really, it is like you are getting a really bad sneak peek into the homes of people who think that it is okay to live in filth and that other people want to spend a bajillion dollars on thie house just so that they can move in and spend another bajillion dollars on a professional cleaner, a bathroom and kitchen renovation and 12 coats of paint. Come on people, help a sista’ out!


  • I have decided that this week/weekend I am going to try out a few ideas I have seen floating around on Pinterest.
1. Nail Art: Now I am not usually one to have my nails painted but I thought this looked really fun. I am sure it will turn out looking NOTHING like this, but I am going to give it a red hot try. Wish me luck.


2. Pillow Cover: I’ve got these two pillows that have been sitting in our linen closet for about a year and a half now. They currently match nothing in our house so I thought I would give this no-sew pillow cover a try. I have some random fabric laying around that I will try this with first and if all goes well, I can go out and get something that actually matches our house.

pilliow cover

3. Coloured Keys: Okay, so I think I only have two keys on my key ring so I am not sure this is something that I really need to do but I thought it was a really cute, cheap way to make your keys easier to find without making it really obvious what each key goes to.


4. Custom iphone Case: I mean really, what a great idea! I have been looking for a clear case ever since I saaw this a few months ago and have had no luck. However, I WILL find one this week and I WILL make a few of these using random scrapbook paper I have around the house.

5. Headband Braid: This is cute so I think I might try it. Of course, this girl has really nice hair so I am sure it won’t look exactly like this on me. [ps. I am currently growing out my natural colour which is why my hair is looking even more mankie than normal. I am about 6 months in and I am wondering how much longer I will last before I go and get it done….]


19 June 2012- instagram2

Well, I guess that is about it for today. Happy Monday friends!

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