Sunday, June 17, 2012

gender reveal party revealed.

Yesterday was the big day. The day we tallied the votes and revealed the gender of this little bean growing in my belly.

31 May 2012- baby stuff004 copy

It was a pink and blue "Cast Your Vote" theme where everyone was asked to wear either pink or blue based on what they thought we were going to have.

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal016

We had a tally board where people were able to write their name and "cast their vote". Even Toby was excited to vote!

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal005

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal024

The first voters to the poll...

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal015

The food table almost finished.

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal014

We had a candy bar with pink, blue and white candy for the winning group (or anyone who felt like a lolly).

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal004

Goodie bags for the candy.

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal006

And the most important part... the food! We had a little variety of finger foods like these caprese salad bites.

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal008

Devilled Eggs.

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal009

Pink and Blue Cupcakes.

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal023

Chicken Salad Croissants.

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal010

Fresh Fruit.

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal011

Sweet Potato Bites.

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal012


16 June 2012- Gender Reveal028

And Spinach and Artichoke Dip (which, by the way, is not a common food here in Oz... and it was a big hit- wish I had made this sooner!).

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal017

Me doing some really weird pose... I am not sure what I was trying to do here but I feel like I look a little like a crazy fat lady. Funny enough to share I thought :)

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal013

After everyone arrived (both our Australian guests and online family and friends) we tallied the votes and prepared for the big reveal.

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal019
(me showing the people online the tally board)

And after weeks of guessing and dreaming and thinking and talking about this little baby, the time was finally here when we would actually find out. We were both so excited to finally know but strangely a little nervous as well. Just that feeling of anticipation I guess! They only thing between us and knowing our baby's gender was one little strip of tape... ahhh!!!

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal025

1...2...3... OPEN! 

And out popped a whole box of BLUE balloons!!!  IT'S A BOY!!!!

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal026

So excited!!!

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal027

So there you have it friends- baby de Baugy is officially a BOY and we couldn't be more excited about it :)

16 June 2012- Gender Reveal018

A special thanks to my great friend, Alyce for taking all of the photos of the balloon release photos.  They turned out amazing and really captured the moment perfectly. THANK YOU!!!

Now if you will excuse me- I am off to buy my very first baby boy outfit!

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  1. This is just precious! So cute and creative :)

    PS Who filled the box with the balloons?


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