Tuesday, May 8, 2012

markets. emergency rooms. sunsets.

On Saturday we all woke up to a beautiful, sunny morning. After a quick breakfast we decided to head out of Noosa to the Eumundi Markets just 20 minutes up the road. The Eumundi Market is probably one of Queensland's most well known markets, full of everything from food to crafts to artwork to clothing. It has just about everything you could think of.

I only ended up taking one picture while we were there, but it was a really great one if you ask me! What a beautiful nephew I have!!!

21 April 2012- Noosa001

After walking around bits of the market, we headed back to Noosa to take advantage of the beautiful weather with another day at the beach. Max and Byron went out for a surf, Dave and Jack played in the sand and Mom, Jen and I went out for a little swim. While the waves weren't huge by any means, the current was picking up and there were a few waves crashing quickly in the shallows of the water.

To keep a long story short, I ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and found myself in the midst of a wave that picked me up and placed me very hard on the bottom of the ocean... head first. With all of my experience as a life guard, years of swimming in the ocean and amateur surfing skills (sigh...) I was hit by bad luck and ended up needing to be placed on a backboard, removed from the beach and taken by ambulance to the emergency room. BUGGER!

21 April 2012- Noosa002
[trying to act like it was no big deal even though I was scared out of my mind...]

While I knew I was going to be okay because I could still move all of my limbs (thank GOD!) I was really worried I had scared my family into thinking the beach was not safe (not to mention I was 11 weeks pregnant and had no idea where my husband was...).

21 April 2012- Noosa003

After a nauseating ambulance ride to the ER, a few hours of pain and some tears of worry, I was reassured my neck wasn't broken and I wasn't going to die (phew!) but most likely had a hairline fracture on my T2 (vertebrae in my back between my shoulder blades) and just needed to take it easy and let it heal.

21 April 2012- Noosa004

Fortunately I was okay but unfortunately I missed a beautiful day at the beach with my family and therefore have no fun pictures to share... except these few Mom took while I was trying not to vomit, haha.

Oh, and this one :) Cousins!!!  I just love them together... don't you?!
 21 April 2012- Noosa005

I don't really remember the rest of the night because I pretty much went straight to sleep when we got back to the apartment but I am pretty sure everyone else had a good night... at least I hope they did!!


The next day mother nature delivered once again with beautiful sunshine and warm waters.

22 April 2012- Noosa001

Surfing buddies :) Love them!!

22 April 2012- Noosa002

The Gilarde Family at Noosa Beach

22 April 2012- Noosa003

Mimi and Jack exploring the beach.

22 April 2012- Noosa004

Unfortunately Max and Byron had to head back to Brisbane that afternoon for work and school the next day so they missed the sunset picnic we decided to have that evening.

22 April 2012- Noosa005

22 April 2012- Noosa006

22 April 2012- Noosa007

Beachside wine and cheese sunset party on a Sunday night- perfection!

22 April 2012- Noosa013

22 April 2012- Noosa008

At about 5 o'clock the clouds rolled in and we thought for a while there that our weather luck had ended and it was going to rain.

22 April 2012- Noosa011

But just like magic the weather cleared up, leaving us with a painted sky full of yellows, oranges and purples.

22 April 2012- Noosa012

22 April 2012- Noosa014

22 April 2012- Noosa009

22 April 2012- Noosa010
[hehe- I love the funny ones!]

22 April 2012- Noosa015

It was THE perfect end to an almost perfect weekend at Noosa. The next day we soaked up our last few hours of the beach before heading home around lunch time.


  1. Whoa, scary!! Glad to hear you are doing well. Who did you convince to take photos of you in the er? :)

    Such a great family photo of your sister.

  2. Love all the pics...Miss you! Hope you are feeling well!


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