Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the last day.

For Jen, Dave and Jack's last day in Brisbane I decided to take them down to the city for a tour of Southbank. South Bank is located directly on the Brisbane River “where the idyllic Queensland environment is seamlessly integrated with the cafes, restaurants, boutiques and cultural experiences that have come to characterise an inner-city lifestyle.” There you can “explore The Parklands, with its lush foliage, public beach, lagoons and picnic areas, as well as Little Stanley’s cosmopolitan strip of restaurants, bars and boutiques, and Grey Street; one of Brisbane’s defining art and cultural hubs.”

In summary, it is a really neat little place where you can go for good food, river views and lots of cool events!

24 April 2012- Southbank001

It was a bit cloudy on the day we went so the views and "sparkle" of the river just weren't the same as on a beautiful sunny day.

24 April 2012- Southbank002

After walking around the area a bit, we decided to take a ride on the Wheel of Brisbane which is a lot like the London Eye... only not as cool, haha.

24 April 2012- Southbank011

The views were pretty good but we all decided that it probably would have been better at night.

24 April 2012- Southbank005

As the wheel spun around, it took us on a little audio tour of some of the near by sights and buildings.

24 April 2012- Southbank003

24 April 2012- Southbank004

24 April 2012- Southbank008

While I am still glad we did this, I think that once was probably enough. I would give the value for money factor 2 stars (if you know what I mean).

24 April 2012- Southbank007

24 April 2012- Southbank006

After a walk around the parklands, we rewarded ourselves in a yummy lunch at one of my favourite buger places in Brisbane- Beastie Burgers!

24 April 2012- Southbank009

They have really yummy unique burgers as well as onion rings and balsamic chips (fries) to die for!

24 April 2012- Southbank010

24 April 2012- Southbank012

And before I knew it, I was driving back to the airport, kissing my beautiful nephew goodbye and wondering where the time had gone! Sure this trip was plagued by a pregnant and nauseous sister, a trip to the ER and a very sore back, but even in between the naps and slow paced days we managed to spend some great quality time together. Parents had a holiday. Cousins got to play. Aunties got to take pictures of their favourite nephews. And Mimi's got to tuck grandsons in to bed. It was wonderful and a time I will always cherish!!

I love having my friends and family come visit. It makes me feel so loved and important to know that they have made such a HUGE effort to travel all the way over here to see what our life is really about. I am already counting down the days until it happens again and can’t wait to share our life with the next set of American visitors who decide to make the long journey across the Pacific!

Evan? Ginny? :)

A special thanks to Jen and Dave for taking this time and braving the flights with a nearly 2 year old. Love you guys so much!!

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