Wednesday, May 2, 2012

he loves rocks.

Jack looooves rocks. Big rocks. Small rocks. Round rocks. Square rocks. Yep, he loves 'em! Everywhere we went he found rocks. Our back yard. The zoo. The beach. The park.

19 April 2012- rocksblog009

He shares rocks.

19 April 2012- rocksblog002

He eats rocks. Oh wait- we don't eat rocks!

19 April 2012- rocksblog003

The best thing about spending time with my baby nephew is learning about what he loves. Jack loves rocks, pushing buttons, blueberries, milk, singing, bath time and cheese.

19 April 2012- rocksblog005

He will always want a bite of your apple if he sees you eating one and has killer aim when it comes to kicking a ball.

19 April 2012- rocksblog004

He knows all of his colours (with purple being his favourite), the entire alphabet AND the sound each letter makes.

19 April 2012- rocksblog006

He has gorgeous blue eyes and looks like he is definitely going to be right handed.

19 April 2012- rocksblog001

He loves rocks and I just LOVE him!

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