Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The past few weeks have been filled with sunshine, family dinners, sand, laughter, walks, crocodiles and my nephew's sweet little waddle-run. I had been dreaming about my family's arrival to Australia for months and just couldn't believe it when I saw all of their faces there at the Brisbane International terminal. They were HERE... in AUSTRALIA... for REAL! It was amazing!

We used their arrival day as a recovery time for the massive flight they had just endured with a two year-old, but were straight into it the next day with a trip to THE Australia Zoo- Home of THE Crocodile Hunter himself.

18 April 2012- zooblog038

The first animal we saw was not actually part of the zoo, but very cool none-the-less. These crazy lizards were running around all over the place just soaking up the sun and scaring the tourists.

18 April 2012- zooblog001

We started with a quick tram ride around the zoo to get a good look at all of the different areas.

18 April 2012- zooblog002

18 April 2012- zooblog003

18 April 2012- zooblog004

18 April 2012- zooblog005

We went to the petting zoo where we were able to pet goats and pigs and sheep... oh my!

18 April 2012- zooblog006

18 April 2012- zooblog007

18 April 2012- zooblog039

18 April 2012- zooblog008

18 April 2012- zooblog009

Our next stop was the CROCOSEUM where we watched a live bird, snake and croc show.

18 April 2012- zooblog011

18 April 2012- zooblog012

However, I think Jack was more interested in his "nonut" than the huge croc swimming right in front of us!

18 April 2012- zooblog010

18 April 2012- zooblog013

18 April 2012- zooblog014

Our next stop was Roo Heaven were we all took turns feeding the little kangaroos.

18 April 2012- zooblog015

18 April 2012- zooblog017

It was amazing how tame (and hungry) they were!

18 April 2012- zooblog016

18 April 2012- zooblog018

18 April 2012- zooblog020

18 April 2012- zooblog019

18 April 2012- zooblog021

My favourite part is how they hold your hand with their little paws.

18 April 2012- zooblog022

18 April 2012- zooblog023

Look at those nails!

18 April 2012- zooblog024

18 April 2012- zooblog025

Going to the zoo in the middle of the week just after school holidays ended meant that we had almost the entire place to ourselves! It is such a beautiful, natural zoo with heaps of space and rainforest areas.

18 April 2012- zooblog026

Everything is so open to the public and really user friendly. This little koala decided she was ready for a change in scenery and just came right up to Dave in order to get to the tree she wanted. There were no fences or strict security guards or cages. It was just us, the koalas and the friendly zoo keeper who let them roam wherever they wanted.

18 April 2012- zooblog029

18 April 2012- zooblog028

While these koalas were in a petting area, the zoo makes sure they get plenty of down time by placing these signs on certain trees to give each koala a lot of breaks.

18 April 2012- zooblog041

18 April 2012- zooblog027

18 April 2012- zooblog040

They were so soft!

18 April 2012- zooblog030

But like any other two year-old boy, Jack was more interested in picking up rocks than the koalas and kangaroos all around him :)

18 April 2012- zooblog032

18 April 2012- zooblog031

18 April 2012- zooblog034

18 April 2012- zooblog033

Mom and I with the biggest croc EVER!

18 April 2012- zooblog035

18 April 2012- zooblog036

Jack loved him too!

18 April 2012- zooblog037

18 April 2012- zooblog042

The zoo was beautiful, the weather was perfect and I got to spend the entire day with some of the people I love the most in the world. What more could a girl ask for?


  1. Could the kangaroos get any cuter?!?!

  2. What a fun day! I love zoos! My favorite are the koalas :)

  3. SOOO CUTE! Evan


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