Sunday, April 15, 2012

oh boy.

On Saturday morning I peeled my sick self (oh BTW I have been sick... like haven't gotten out of bed sick... tear) out of bed, took a half hearted shower and got ready for my first ever Australian baby shower. As Max said, I had really been looking forward to this shower and should use this as my reason to get moving again (I also think he was ready for me to get my germie body out of our bed and get some fresh air).

Luckily I had shopped for my baby gift pre-sickness and was prepared for the shower.

[Fun baby shower gift idea- instead of using wrapping paper, wrap your gift in a baby blanket. It adds to the gift and from what I have heard, a new mom can never have enough baby blankets! I also used a baby toy to decorate the outside of the present to jazz it up a bit. Overall I was happy with how it turned out and think Donna really liked it too :)]

2012 14 April- showerblog008

The baby shower was at this cute little lakeside cafe in Springfield Lakes (near where I work).

2012 14 April- showerblog001

While my closest work "mates" were there, it was really nice to met some of Donna's other friends as well.

2012 14 April- showerblog009

We played a few baby themed games....

2012 14 April- showerblog003

2012 14 April- showerblog010

And put our best "baby guesses" down on paper.  I am guessing she is having a boy... but only time will tell!

2012 14 April- showerblog002

We also drank hot tea out of beautiful china, snacked on triangle sandwiches and little cakes and chatted until the rain stopped and the sun came out. It was great and just what I needed to get me going again.

2012 14 April- showerblog004

For some reason Tynnielle (left) and Sarah (right) find this classic maternity photo hilarious. We are not really sure why but as soon as they found out Donna was pregnant, they started making heart shaped signs over their belly's and laughing uncontrollably.

2012 14 April- showerblog005

It has now become a little joke at work and luckily Donna plays along :)

2012 14 April- showerblog006

I stole this picture from Donna because I didn't get a good one of my friends, but here are my work "mates" from the shower (please excuse my disgusting hair... I blame the cold for this one!).

2012 14 April- showerblog007
Top: Donna (mama-to-be), Alyce, Me
Bottom: Sarah and Tynnielle (making their heart signs again... haha)

It was a wonderful afternoon celebrating a very special "mum". I am so happy I pulled myself together long enough to go because this kind of time with the girls is always worth it.

Now please excuse me as my bed is calling my name.

ps. I have also declared today as the LAST day I am going to be sick. Fingers crossed this declaration holds up because I have a very busy and important week ahead of me!

Tomorrow- Donna's work baby shower hosted by Sarah, Alyce, Tynnielle and myself

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