Friday, April 13, 2012

enjoying the small things.

Breakfast in bed for a sick wife :)

2012 March- food blog001


Rainy day weekend footwear....

2012 March- rain001


Chicken enchiladas with green chili sour cream sauce.... yes please!

2012 March- food blog002

A few months ago I found this recipe on Pinterest and just had to try it out. I love Mexican food. I love cheese. I love sour cream....

2012 March- food blog004

I changed the recipe slightly by using left over pork roast instead of chicken and adding a packet of taco seasoning to the meat. I also decided to add some fresh toppings to brighten it up a bit and to also meet Max's "meat and three veg" dinner requirement :)

2012 March- food blog003

With a little Mexican rice on the side and a hungry husband I would say this meal was a success!

2012 March- food blog005

Easter weekend catchup tomorrow!  Let's just say it involved sand, REAL starfish and good ol' Betsy (the Landcruiser). See ya then folks!

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