Wednesday, April 4, 2012

april shower.

Well, the party planning is in full swing!

A few months ago I found out that my friend Donna was pregnant and immediately volunteered myself (and my three great friends, Tynnielle, Sarah and Alyce) to throw her a work baby shower.

Donna is waiting until the birth to find out the gender of the baby so we decided to go with nice gender natural theme of green, yellow and white. Since none of us have ever hosted a baby shower before I decided to turn to my best friend for some ideas (meaning Pinterest of course!). I started with designing an invitation based on something I saw online. I was pretty happy with how it turned out considering I have never made an invitation before and we ALL know about the incident that was this year's Christmas Card fiasco! 


While I would love to reveal all of our other ideas here, I have decided to keep them under wraps until the actual shower on the 16th. Just know, it is going to be cute so get excited!! :)

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