Friday, March 9, 2012

market day.

Every few months a group of friends of our (Nathan, Nelly, Alyson, Nate, Peggy, Max and I) get together for a meal at a new place. Sometimes dinner after work, sometimes breakfast on a weekend or sometimes birthday drinks on a Saturday night in which a cab and many bottles of wine are involved. No matter the time, day of the week or occasion it is always a good time with great food and wonderful friends.

These get togethers usually start amongst the women with a quick email or text about a new restaurant someone has heard about or an upcoming birthday that needs proper celebration. I have to admit, I have never been the instigator of such events (which I must get better at!) but the other ladies always come up with amazing new places to try. After a short, “Meet for brunch on Sunday?” email from Alyson, plans were set and a time was scrawled onto our wall calendar for a 10am randevu at Delicatezza on Blackwood Street.

2012 4 March- Blackwood St001

Breakfast was yummy (I had the corn fritters!) and as always is was great to catch up with our friends. Sometimes life just seems so busy and time gets away from you. Max and I had missed the last few get-togethers so it was so good to see everyone again.

After brunch, we headed straight out into the streets where the monthly Blackwood Street Markets were happening.

2012 4 March- Blackwood St002

The Blackwood Street Markets are on the first Sunday of each month which means unless we make a specific plan to get there (and write it on that wall calendar of ours) we usually miss it by a few weeks and say we will make it next month which we promptly forget... again. So it was really nice to finally make it back to this market because it has a good range of things and has grown so much since the last time we ventured down there!

2012 4 March- Blackwood St003

Some of the sights and sounds at the Blackwood Street Markets....

2012 4 March- Blackwood St004

2012 4 March- Blackwood St005

2012 4 March- Blackwood St006

2012 4 March- Blackwood St007

2012 4 March- Blackwood St008

2012 4 March- Blackwood St009

2012 4 March- Blackwood St016

2012 4 March- Blackwood St010

2012 4 March- Blackwood St011

2012 4 March- Blackwood St013

2012 4 March- Blackwood St012

One hour and $50 later we were loaded up with fruit and veggies for the week... as well as some fresh flowers and herbs to plant in our garden.

2012 4 March- Blackwood St015
[me with all of our goodies and Peggy checking out the curries]

2012 4 March- Blackwood St014

ps. I was trying a new fliter on my pictures to try and give them a bit of a "vintage" feel.  Not sure if I like it though... what do you think?


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