Monday, March 5, 2012

get your study on.

Well, it is true my friends... I once again find myself in the role of student. After 20+ years of school you think I would have had enough of reading theory. Enough of writing papers. Enough of self analysis and introspection. And the hard cold truth is- I HAVE HAD ENOUGH yet I am enrolled in a graduate class again. Sigh...

2012 5 March- study blog005

In order to get to where I hope to be one day in my career, I have to hit the books once again. This time focusing specifically on Career Development in hopes that this (along with my other degrees) will help me in reaching my goal of becoming a Career Counsellor/Advisor. I am studying the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Development (PGLD) with a specialisation in Career Development and Lifelong Learning with the University of Southern Queensland.

So what's good news in all of this?? Well, since I have already taken SOooo many Uni courses in the counselling area, I am getting a lot of exemptions which means I'll be done with this degree by December 2012! I don't want to get too ahead of myself here, but I also have the option of taking just a few more classes and getting the Master of Learning and Development (MLAD) as well. Baby steps though... baby steps.

2012 5 March- study blog003

This semester started exactly a week ago and I am already finding it very hard to get motivated. While I have always worked and studied at the same time, I have never worked full time and studied online before. I am not use to having to make time for studying and not attending classes on a weekly basis. I've gotten use to living the full-time-employee life style and have to admit I have not missed being a student one tiny bit.

2012 5 March- study blog004
[where I study to become more smarter. Wait, is that correct??  Only kidding :)]

2012 5 March- study blog001

The feeling of knowing you always have something you should be reading... should be writing... should be studying is not something I enjoy. However, I am very interested in the course I am taking right now, Life Long Career Devleopment, and am hoping once I get my butt in gear I will feel differently about this whole "going back to school" thing.

2012 5 March- study blog002

Until then I will continue to do my best at balancing my life as a full-time employee, wife, step mom, blogger, picture taker, crafter, beach goer… and part-time student.  Wish me luck because I am going to need it friends!


  1. cute table!
    not jealous of full time work and school but ill be there again in a few years too i think. good luck not that you need it smarty pants.

    umm and i love that you have my stick figure drawing on your desk-love it! Love you!

  2. 2012 must be the year for it I started my course last week too (maintenance reliability & engineering at Monash)
    Good luck (not that you need it chick!)


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