Sunday, February 26, 2012

sleep tight.

As Byron has grown so has his need for a bigger, stronger bed. At 15 years old, 6'2" and a size 13 foot, his old hand-me-down bed wasn't really doing the trick anymore.


So last Sunday I headed out in search for a replacement bed for the big guy.


While he claimed his current bed was just fine and I am sure he would have preferred for us spend the money on something cool (like scooter or bike parts) we knew better.



So late Sunday night my wonderful husband broke out his muscles and tools to help me put together Byron's very first NEW bed and mattress.




I am not sure what Byron thinks of this new bed but Toby made it known that he was happy with our decision. It is always helpful to have a kid who doesn't talk and will agree to anything you say for a quick scratch under the chin.


ps. Byron broke the bed the second night he slept in it... sigh... This stepmom just can't win these days.

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