Monday, February 20, 2012

op shop.

Op Shop (from "opportunity shop") is the Australian term for thrift store or a shop which is run by a charitable organisation to raise money for a cause. Just like an American "op shop" all of the goods are donated which means there is a lot of junk but there are also some real finds sometimes.

2012 Feb 20-opshop

Every so often I find myself at our local op shop in search of... well, to be honest I never really know what I am looking for but it almost always ends with me calling Max and telling him about some really amazing dresser or chair or table or desk that I just can't live without. It is usually half broken and terribly over priced so it stays right there for the next sucker and I usually go home with a picture frame or pale pink clutch.

So what did I find this weekend?! For starters, this really cool vintage orange bowl!


Sure it is chipped and faded and completely used, but I thought it was spectacular! Love at first sight (especially after seeing the $2 price on the bottom).


See, look how great our dinner looked in this vintage beauty!



My next find was this little basket for all of Toby's toys. After only 4 days his toys were spread from one end of our house to the other so I thought it might be a good idea to find them a home.


Toby thought it was a great idea too :)



And my last Sunday afternoon purchase was a large, beaten-up wooden frame that will soon house our Pensacola Beach picture that has been rolled up and hidden in the office since we bought it 2.5 years ago.



I plan on shabby chic-ing it up with a little paint and sandpaper. Not bad for $8 if you ask me!

1 hour and $12 later I was a happy bowl, basket and frame owner. Yep- still love my op shop!


  1. Not sure when you changed it but I love your new header pic!

    1. Awww thanks Kristin! It is an old photo but I liked it too :) Hope you are loving Ohio and keeping warm enough.

  2. The bowl is just lovely.... your pictures are stunning also.

  3. Your pics are great!! I have a cat that looks very similar to yours! Happy Hunting! <3

  4. (I'm clearly just catching up on your blog haha) But YAY for thrifting!!!! And love the new header pic, too!!


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