Friday, February 10, 2012

my last few days.

After an amazing weekend with the girls, my mom and I headed over to Dolphin Island to visit my baby brother at his new school. My brother loves fishing, diving, water and school, so it was no surprise to us that he accepted a position to study and work at the University of Southern Alabama. Not only will he earn his Masters Degree but he will get to go fishing everyday while doing it!


While we were there, Michael gave mom and I a tour of the Dolphin Island Sea Lab where he studies and works. It was pretty amazing and makes me so proud of him for following his dream.


During our tour of the campus we ran in to these bad boys. Jellyfish! HUGE Jellyfish!


I'm not sure what all of these jellyfish were doing here or why they had washed up on the shore, but they were pretty cool to look at.


There were so many of them!


And of course- I did not get a single picture of my mom OR dad during my entire trip home. Gurrr!


While I was home I also got a chance to visit my old, old stomping ground, Gulf Breeze High School.  I hadn't been back there since I graduated... TEN years ago!


When Evan was asked to be a guest speaker in one of the health classes at the high school, I was quick to volunteer to be her assistant/photographer. I mean, any excuse to take a peek back in time was good enough for me.


While a few things had changed, most things were exactly as we had left them back in 2002. Same hallways. Same lockers. Same lunchroom tables. It was like I had walked back in time. Ahh it was fun!


Oh, and Evan did an AMAZING job with these students. She talked about the different isolation precautions/infection control such as contact, droplet and airborne (see I learned something too!).


Just like her mom, I think she is a natural in the classroom!







Evan with our high school Anatomy teacher, Ms Atchison.


And after Evan was done spreading knowledge to the young minds of our future we took a little stroll around the school.


[Our high school gym]

So there we were... back to where we started. The student became the teacher and I became that old person who comes back to reminisce on old teenage memories. Funny how life works in circles like that :)

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