Saturday, February 4, 2012

ippl takes on nyc: day 2.

Day two started out in a snow covered city. Everywhere you looked there were piles of fresh snow and gusts of crisp wind that made the late night drinks and early morning hangover disappear.

At 10am we met up for brunch to meet Kate's new VIP :) While the food wasn't something I would rate at the top of my list, the company was superb!


After brunch the beautiful snow and crisp breeze had turned to FREEZING winds and a wintery mix of snow/rain.


Instead of heading in to Manhattan for the day we decided to explore more of Kate's area and went to an indoor flea market instead - Brooklyn Flea.


During the winter months, this market is moved in to an old historic building formally known as the Williamsburg Savings Bank.  There were over 100 vendors selling everything from vintage clothes and jewellery to art work and local foods.



We all had a great time walking around and looking at everything, but I think my favourite part of this market was the beautiful building it was housed in. The high vaulted ceilings, marble floors, stain-glass windows and large pillars really added to the vintage feel of the whole market and really set the scene (in my opinion, haha).




After the market we headed in search of food... but found something even better!

Enter- THE CHOCOLATE ROOM. As soon as we opened the door I was surrounded by the strong scent of chocolate. It literally smelled like we had stepped into a giant chocolate bar. HEAVEN!


I LOVE chocolate.  I mean, what girl doesn't?

[Jamie's classic hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream and a giant homemade marshmallow!]

[Carrie and Kate's Chocolate Chip Almond Cake with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream!]


[Erin with her Dark Chocolate Float and Chocolate Black Out Cake!]


And of course no afternoon trip to the Chocolate Room would be complete with out a little Italian Champagne!


After our chocolate binge we headed back home to get ready for our big night out in the city.

[The standard picture of the group waiting for the subway]

Our first stop was at the show Fuerza Bruta. It is seriously impossible to explain (lights, music, water, dancing, very artsy and abstract) but one of the best shows I have ever seen! I would highly recommend this if you are looking for something really unique and not-broadway-show thing to do while you are in New York. It was fantastic!


After that we headed to dinner at Stanton Social on the lower east side. I have no pictures of this but can tell you now that it was also amazing! If you like good food, tapas and yummy cocktails I would recommend trying this place. Yum-O!


After dinner we headed out to a few different places- checking out the New York bar scene.

[Erin, Me and Carrie]

[Chanteal, Jamie and Kate]

I am pretty sure this picture was taken around 4:30am. I guess you could say we were having a really great time :)


Almost 10 years ago I met a group of friends. Friends I lived with and talk to about life with. Friends I drank with, shopped with and partied with. Friends I shared clothes with and curled up on the couch to watched Oprah with. Friends I fought with, grew up with, gossiped with, traveled with and went to for advice. Friends who stood by me when I needed support and friends who weren't afraid to tell me when I was being stupid.


Time moves on and people's lives change. We get married, start careers, buy houses, make new friends.... but nothing will ever change the way I feel about these girls. We might go months (and maybe even one day, years) without catching up, but that is the thing about best friends- time doesn't matter and everything goes right back to where you left off once you are back together.


  1. These are adorable! Looks like so much fun.

  2. you are so lucky to have this kind of long lasting friendship!


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