Tuesday, February 14, 2012

i caved.

About a year and a half ago Max and I lost out sweet little cat, Woody. He was probably the coolest cat you had ever met (not that I am biased or anything...). He would come when he was called. He would sit on his blanket upon command (usually). He would chase birds and let you pet him for hours. Okay, so he is starting to sound like any cat to you, but to us he was amazing and Max just loved him.

After he died about a year and half ago Max has brought up the idea of getting another cat about 1,342 times. Each time he would start to talk about it I would quickly shut the idea down with a simple "I don't think so" or "not just yet" or "we travel too much to have a pet." Sure I should have probably considered his suggestion a bit longer, but I was really enjoying life without the extra cost and responsibility.

But after the 1,343rd time he asked- I CAVED! And before I knew it I was looking at kittens, handing over cold hard cash and signing on the dotted line.


Yes, I finally made my dear, sweet husbands one true wish come true and we are now officially a family of four- sigh.


But really, isn't he the cutest little guy ever?!?


It was a true Valentine’s Day surprise, so when that little kitten popped his little head out of the bag I think Max about hit the roof. Let’s just say he was very surprised and really excited.








So I would like to offically introduce to you, the newest member of the de Baugy family. A beautiful gray and white, 12 week old boy (who is still yet to be named).


So happy Valentine's Day Max! Now you know it only takes 1,343 times of asking for something until I cave. My secret is out!


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