Monday, February 6, 2012

home at last.

The last of my fun winter time pictures... So happy it snowed while I was there!



After playing with family and friends in Boston and New York City, I boarded a plane headed for warm, sunny Florida. There is something about Florida that will always feel like home to me. As much as I love traveling the world, I always look forward to coming "home" the most. Sitting around the table eating dinner and talking future plans with my mom and dad, well, it just doesn't get any better than that for me. Ahhh home...

The next day I met up with my two best friends Evan and Ginny. Evan and her husband live in our home town and Ginny traveled down from Atlanta to stay with me for a long weekend.  Ginny, Evan and I have been best friends for... well, forever really and it was so great to get to see them in person again! Skype is amazing but can never fully replace the real thing :) Talking, shopping, eating- yep it was wonderful!

Then, on Thursday afternoon the most amazing thing happened. Our friend Larissa and her son Hayden showed up on my parents door step! As soon as Larissa heard that I was flying home for a visit, she booked tickets for she and her son to fly down and spend some time with us too. Seriously, what an amazing and thoughtful surprise!!


I honestly can't remember the last time I had gotten to spend time with Larissa so this little surprise turned out to be a HUGE treat! Not only was it great to spend some time with her, but we also got to meet her son Hayden for the very first time.


He is such a cutie!


After lunch at one of our favourite places (Sidelines) we headed down to the beach so that Hayden could experience the beautiful white sand under his little tiny toes. I am pretty sure he LOVED it!

[Evan and Hayden]

[Ginny and Evan]


In the supposedly coldest month of the year, here we are at the beach on a beautiful sunny day. I just love this place and I think Hayden did too.




[Evan and I]



[This is Evan's serious portrait face, haha]


[Hayden missed the "make a silly face" cue]




After a beautiful afternoon at the beach we headed back home for naps and to get ready for an adults night out. More to come on that tomorrow :)


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