Thursday, February 16, 2012

a day of love.

So I have never been a huge celebrator of Valentines Day. Like a lot of people say, it is really just a holiday made up by companies out there that want to capitalise on our need to buy heart shaped lolly pops and over priced red roses. I mean, who even likes red roses anyway? I would much prefer some nice tulips or colourful daises.

But then again what's so bad about a day celebrating love? We celebrate birthdays, mothers, fathers, veterans. We celebrate days by cutting crazy faces in to pumpkins and drinking green beer. We dye eggs colours of the rainbow and wear flag tattoos on our faces. So why not have an entire day dedicated to the person (or people) you love.


My love bought me a chilli plant (like flowers only practical) and some yummy chocolate.


I made him this little love map from an idea I saw on Pinterest.


We Met... We Married... We Live.


Of course I put my own little spin on the idea, but I think it turned out pretty well and I think Max really liked it too.



Oh yes, and we can't forget about this little Valentines Day surprise (who now has his very own name- by the way) Toby! Our little Toby :)


So you don't like flowers or chocolate or cheesy "I love you to the end of the world" cards. That's okay. Find something you do love and celebrate that! There is nothing saying that Valentines Day has to be about spending money on overpriced dinners or confessing your love to your biggest crush. You can celebrate this day with any people you love. Friends. Family. Your cutest little pet. Because that is the best part of Valentines Day. It gives you an excuse to tell or show all of the people in your life how much they mean to you. So go on- don't be a Valentines Day hater and embrace this day of love like you should!


  1. Well done! A great personal spin on a cute pinterest idea.

  2. this picture of Toby is so cute - i am dying!!

  3. I love your picture frame, met, married, and live idea! so cute! <3 Larissa


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