Monday, January 9, 2012

three years.

1 year. 12 months. 365 days. After that it would be out of my system and I would return to real life and get a real job and grow up. It was going to be my year of adventures- a “walk about” if you will. A topic that would sneak up at family get-togethers and reunions with friends.

“Remember that year you lived in Australia... yeah, that was crazy.”

The months leading up to my trip I must have called my mom every single day to talk to her about my latest ideas, the places I wanted to visit, how I was going to afford this trip as a poor grad student with zero income. My head was full of dreams and excitement over the idea of traveling to another place, seeing new things, meeting new people. Mom constantly questioned my need to make this journey and why I chose Australia over all of the other places in the world to spend that year. But after 25 years I think she probably knew as soon as I said I wanted to do this that I would find a way to make it happen. And so she supported me and listened to all of my crazy 'Australia talk' for the next three months. Aren’t moms just fantastic like that :)

So why did I choose Australia?

There are so many reasons why I ended up here. But the basic reason was- I chose Australia because it was SO far away. I thought because it was so far away, the chances of me visiting a place like this in the future were very slim. If I was going to do this- I was going to DO THIS. So Australia it was and don’t think my mom doesn’t remind me about my “it is only a year and I’ll never go back there again” reasoning behind coming all the way over here.

People leave their homes and travel for many different reasons. Some people are trying to escape their lives, discover themselves, start over, explore new places. But in my eyes this situation was different. I wasn’t running away or officially moving to the other side of the world, I was just going on a 12 month journey to see what it was like to live somewhere else. I LOVED my life, my family, my friends and had every intention of returning to all of that after this crazy year in Australia.

On my third year anniversary of living here in Australia I am struck with many thoughts. I miss my home and my friends and my old life. I miss Moe’s and graham crackers and white cheddar popcorn. I wonder how I managed to move all the way across the world without so much as a going away party. I am homesick 98% of the time and always keep an endless countdown in my head to that imaginary date when Max and I will pack up and make the journey back to the east coast. I could really go on and on about the things I miss about my old home but it wouldn’t be complete without a now equally long list of the things and people I love about my new home. Moving here has changed me forever. I became a wife, a stepmother, a home owner, a full time worker. I’ve aged three years and gained… some weight. I have made a heap of new friends and become a part of a new family.

Moving here hasn’t been all butterflies and rainbows. Change is hard and life can be tricky, but after three years I think it is safe to say that I am a better person because of this journey and wouldn’t change a thing about the choices I have made.

So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Australia! Here's to more crazy adventures and memories to be made!

ps. please notice the countdown to my visit home is now in SINGLE DIGITS! ---->


  1. wow 3 years already?! crazy!!

  2. Dad and I havejust watched the video that uncle Bill made from you wedding! What fun it is to look back at the joy this journey has brought to your life! Hugs dear ones.

  3. I can't believe it had been 3 years. Wait yes I can... MISS U! and see you in single digits;)


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