Monday, January 16, 2012

summer cleaning.

A few weekends ago Max decided it was time for a spring clean... only it is summer- not spring. We had been talking about reorganising the shed for months but decided the new year was the perfect time to actually start.


You see, the shed is like Max's second home. It houses all of this greatest things and most prized possessions like tools and nails and paint and grease filled tubes. You know, all that kind of weird boy stuff.


But the best part about the shed is the fact that he made room for me in there too! If you didn't know already, I love making stuff. Some times cool interesting stuff and sometime useless crap. But even the useless crap that I make involves a lot of stuff. Messy stuff that doesn't belong inside- hence the little corner Max has reserved for me in the shed. The little corner that houses all of my most prized possessions like glue and beads and ribbon. You know, all that weird girl stuff.


And while I really wanted nothing to do with the summer shed clean, I thought I better help because in actual fact, some of the crap in there belonged to be too.


I was in charge of my little corner as well as moving all of the wheeled "things" out of the shed so that we could give the floor a really good sweep- look at all the things I found!


It was like the 12 days of Christmas.... (sing this next part to the chorus of 12 days of Christmas)

Four Huffy sliders
Three Z50s
Two long boards
And a GIAAANNTTT Red Dirrrrrt Bikkkkkeeee.



Wow, we have a lot of junk in our shed (and by WE I mean Max and Byron of course. All of my girly junk is cool).

[Erin, this is for you. I only rode this in the safety of the four shed walls as to not injure myself before heading to Boston to see you!]


It doesn't really look like much, but Max did end up getting rid of a lot of stuff which he will no doubt now replace with more stuff.



And if you were wondering, my little (very girly) workbench still has a home in the new organised shed. I can now be found on the left side wall instead of the right :)


  1. wow! just, wow!
    i never ever thought that shed would get a clean!

    1. Haha I know! It doesn't look much better but he did get rid of a lot of old crap, lol


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