Friday, January 6, 2012


I have a confession. I sometimes look at strangers' weddings photos.

Now before you delete my number from your phone and stop reading this blog due to this crazy confession, hear me out...

I didn't set out to be a wedding photo stalker or anything (promise!) but about year and half ago my best friend Evan got married and introduced me to this blog. You see, Evan's husband's cousin is a photographer and she and her husband were going to be shooting their wedding. Evan talked about Rebecca and Ben's photography ALL of the time. At that time I wasn't really into photography but as soon as I clicked on this link, I was obsessed. THEY WERE AMAZING! I am honestly a fan of all wedding photography, but these two are just the best. They have this really unique style and a perfect way of capturing some of the most beautiful moments.

I started really following their blog a few months ago mainly because I love looking at beautiful pictures. While Kallima Photography shoots all kinds of events, I found myself loving their wedding posts the best. Do I personally know any of these Brides and Grooms? No. But if you think about it, a persons wedding day is one of the best and happiest days of their lives and really good wedding photos are able to capture this love and happiness. Every time I look at Rebecca and Ben's photographs I find myself smiling and just plain happy.

Like this wedding. And this wedding. And look at the end of this one... made me tear up.

So sure I may look at other people's wedding photos every week- but they make me happy. I love the style of their photography but more importantly I love the way looking at happy strangers makes me happy. Go on- give it a try. I dare you :)


  1. you're so cute. see you in a couple weeks cutie!! Evan

  2. um, you are super nice and well, thanks for keeping up with us. maybe we can get you in front of our cameras soon??? we'd love to come to Australia....just sayin. :) thanks so much for your support and kind words:)


  3. Haha I do the same thing with Jenn Hopkins Photography. I find myself looking at other people's weddings and babies!!!! But the photos are just so good! Those are beautiful as well!

  4. I am the same with Jerry Ghionis.... I completely get what you mean :)


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