Monday, January 2, 2012

christmas road trip.

Earlier this year Max and I decided we were going to celebrate the holidays in Florida. I haven't been back home for Christmas in three years and it was going to be Max and Byron's first "American" Christmas. Even though I started looking for tickets well in advance, the prices never came down to a reasonable (or even close to reasonable) price. So instead of staying home and being sad about not being in Florida I planned a little get-a-way for the two of us.

On Christmas Eve Max and I packed up the car and headed down the coast. Our final destination was Coffs Harbour, New South Wales but of course we explored many other places while we were there.

First Stop: Yamba  


Yamba is a small town about 3 hours south of Brisbane and is located at the mouth of the Clarence River. Byron's grandparents actually live right on the other side of the river and so he gets to spend time down there during his school holidays. I can definately think of worse places to visit- Yamba was beautiful!






There are salt water rock pools (like the one below) all over Australia. These pools are are actually hammered out of the oceanside rocks. They usually have a sandy bottom and just fill up from the waves that crash in when the tide gets high or the waves get really big. No chorine or pool filters here!


They come in all shapes and sizes; sometimes more traditional like the one in Yamba.


After exploring the beaches we headed to the Pacific hotel for some cold drinks and lunch just in time to watch a storm roll in.



The food was yummy and the view was perfect. I would say our first pit stop was a big success!  I think Yamba has now made it to our list of places to stay on a future holiday.


Next stop: Coffs Harbour!

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