Monday, January 2, 2012

christmas day in coffs.

We arrived in Coffs late afternoon on Christmas Eve. After checking in at our resort we headed off to explore the city in the last few hours of day light. During our travels we had moved into New South Wales which meant day light savings time and a whole extra hour of light!

[A little Christmas Eve Rainbow- yes please]


We went down to the jetty/harbour area in search of some dinner but found that not much was open on Christmas Eve. We settled for a little Mexican place and were once again reminded to never eat Mexican food in Australia.... it is always a disappointment.

[View of the marina at sunset]

Here is a little map of where we had been so far (just in case you are interested in that kind of thing).

Brisbane to Coffs. jpg


We woke up on Christmas morning to a beautiful sunny day!


Luckily we had brought a few snacks with us because nothing was open and there were no reservations available at ANY of the places that were actually open. After a few thousand "Merry Christmas" phone calls (goodness my husband can talk!) we packed up a picnic lunch and headed down the road to Park Beach.


I actually received this picnic set at my work Christmas party this year. It is a backpack with a full picnic set, esky (cooler) and two wine bottle coolers. Pretty amazing gift if you ask me. A picnic on your back... anytime... anywhere!

[Yes- we pick our wine based on the label and thought this one was perfect for today]




A few hours and a plate of cheese and crackers later, we packed up and drove down the coast to the little town of Sawtell. We headed straight for the headland where I parked my butt on the grass and had a nice Christmas Day nap. That is what you are supposed to do, right?!


The views from the headland were just beautiful! Sawtell also has a rock pool like the one I talked about yesterday. This one was at the base of the south side of the headland and was more naturally shaped with the rocks forming two sides of the pool.




After hours in the sun we headed back to the resort in search of some food. Maybe it wasn't your typical Christmas Day but we sure enjoyed ourselves!

So what did you do on Christmas Day?


  1. Beautiful! A great place to spend Christmas. Another amazing place to add to the list of places we want to visit one day when we get back over there.

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