Thursday, December 8, 2011

sunday sesh and chrissie decs.

Sunday Sesh: Short for "Sunday Session". The act of getting together to socialise, eat and drink on a Sunday afternoon.


Yep, that is what we did on Sunday. Socialised. Ate large amounts of cheese. Drank cold drinks. It was goooo-oood!


[Narelle, Peggy and Me]

[Nate, Peggy, Nathan, Narelle and Max]

It was a good afternoon and continued on into the night. We will definitely be making the Sunday sesh a common occurrence at the de Baugy house this summer!


Chrissie Decs = Christmas Decorations

The Chrissie decs are out and proud and if I have to be completely honest, they have been out and proud since the 20th November.


Maybe I was a little excited to get the season started this year or maybe I was trying to compensate for the lack of Thanksgiving decorations 'round these parts. Either way- the tree is up and lights have been hung.


Growing up we were given an ornament every year for Christmas- one from my parents and one from my Grandma Shirley. Mom would also keep some of our homemade ornaments that we made in Sunday school or art class. Sure they were ugly and started to fall apart over the years, but they gave our tree character and always brought back so many memories. Talking about each ornament as we hung it on the tree was always my favourite part of the Christmas decorating.


As we kids grew up and officially moved into our own homes, mom would go through the ornaments, take out the ones that belong to each child, pack them in a box and pass them on. It is like a right of passage- the true sign that you have moved out and are starting your own life. It is also a great way to start your ornament collection because we all know those things aren't cheap!

Moving to the other side of the Earth must have thrown a little wrench in mom's plan because I have yet to get my box of family treasures... maybe next year 'eh mom?!?


Now we aren't the kind of organised family that has a perfect looking tree with matching ornaments and beautiful glass baubles. We do the "mismatched nicknacks" from the places we have been (just like at mom's house!).

Like this little santa. He came all the way from Hawaii! Sure he is cheap and plastic (or something like that) but each year when I pull him out and hang him on the tree I will think of those two weeks in 2009 that Max and I spent in Hawaii :)


Or this little cable car from San Francisco where we rode bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge, saw a broadway show and ate Ramen noodles in our hostel. We traveled for nearly 3 months that summer but didn't want to miss out on anything.... so noodles and hostels it was for us. It was fantastic!


Or this one my mom gave Byron on their first (and only!) trip to see us.


But this one might just be my very favourite so far.  Mom got this one for Max and I right after we got engaged.  Isn't it so cute with the diamond ring??

I love the ornament tradition and plan to continue this in our house. What traditions do you have at your house? Do you get an ornament each year?


  1. It was always a fun day when we began getting out the Christmas decorations! Often ending up with conversations and memories about when things were made or who gave us those special items. Lots of fun times. Your box of ornaments has been packed up for a few years now and is safely being stored in the attic. Hopefully, it will catch up with you one day.

  2. My mom does the exact same thing with the ornament tradition, I love it. I'm doing a very similar post soon- we even have the same cable car ornament from San Fran!


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