Wednesday, December 14, 2011

just tri it.

Well the final day arrived just like every day before that. The swim. The bike. The RUN. The countdown had timed out and there we were; black numbers scratched on to our arms, goggles in hand, ready to go!


I have to be honest though- I didn’t train AT ALL for this race. Naturally, I had grand plans of getting in shape- sticking to my “training calendar”- making my triathlon come back something people would talk about for years (okay, maybe not that last one!) but the truth is there was very little training involved in the weeks leading up to this race. I went for one (yes, I just said 1) swim and two (yes, 2) bike rides in preparation for this event. I really wanted to take it seriously and use it as motivation for getting my butt in gear but it just didn’t happen.



Sarah and I were lucky enough to have a really kind friend loan us two of her husband's bikes for the event. [THANKS MEGAN!]

[getting the race instructions]

The Swim (300 meters)

[clearly I am taking this very seriously, haha]

[I did kill the swim though!]

The Bike (12km)

[Sarah in the bike transition]








Me after the 12km bike. I was obviously taking it VERY easy in the transition area. I don't even looked puffed but trust me, I was hurting!


Look at Sarah! Now that is how you should approach the transition area. You Go Girl!

The Run (3km)

[Sarah and Andy]

Anyway, the race came and went and WE DIDN’T DIE! Or quit. Or vomit. Or even stop for a walk. I actually did the whole thing and felt halfway decent. God bless muscle memory!


After the race was over we jumped back in the water to cool off a bit.


[The USQ team]

[Me and my fan club :)]

[Sarah and Andy with her gift vocher she won in the door prize drawing!]


Overall I would say the weekend AND the triathlon were a huge success. Sarah and I both completed our goal. We came. We swam. We biked. We ran. We finished!

Although this triathlon didn't end up inspiring me to get in shape like I had hoped, looking at myself in these pictures really has. I have this shirt that says “Move it or Lose it.” It has been years now since I have truly moved it consistently and like the shirt says, I have lost it! Yikes I am getting... fluffy as my mom likes to say :)

A special thank you to Megan for loaning us the bikes, our amazing cheering squad (Max and Andy!) and our boss, Doug, for sponsoring us. Until next time.... 

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