Wednesday, December 21, 2011

father and son outing.

Have you ever wondered what happens on those father and son outings?

Max is off for the holidays this week (while I am still at work....tear....) and so he has decided to take this opportunity to spend some quality time with Byron. In Max's words, "Byron will only be 15 once and soon he will probably not want to hang out with me anymore." Sweet dad if you ask me :)

Anyway, Max, Byron and a few other friends went on an adventure yesterday to Bribie Island and THIS is what they got up to.... Skurfing!

[These pictures and videos were taken by Ciara on Max's iphone.... pretty good quality for phone camera if you ask me!!]


[I love Max's big smile in this one!]

Here are two videos for your viewing pleasure:
(Driver: Max, Skurfer: Brett, Filmer: Ciara, The voice you hear laughing: Ryan)

Max and Byron often go off on day trips together and I have always wondered what it is they get up to. I guess now we know!

... I wonder what they will get up to today?!?

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