Saturday, December 3, 2011

a farewell adventure.

A few months ago while we were on our adventure in the sand dunes, Sledge dropped a bomb on Max. I knew this bomb was coming and had already prepared myself for this time, but Max was caught by surprise. He had no idea this information was coming his way and to be honest, he wasn't sure how to deal with it.

Sledge was moving down to Melbourne in December to live with Alicia.... How exciting!!!

Now, I wasn't there when the bomb was dropped (or lightly thrown in Max's direction) but I am sure it went down in typical boy fashion with a few quick words and some subtle head nods... maybe even a "good on ya" handshake. Nothing like the squeals of excitement and multiple hugs that would happen between girlfriends. It was not that Max wasn't excited and thrilled and happy for Sledge... I think he was just not expecting such a big announcement at that exact moment. Men- they just don't have that sixth sense that tells them when something really big and great is about to happen like we women do :)

Either way- Sledge and Alicia are taking the next step and we could not be happier for both of them and this next chapter in their lives. We just love Sledge and are so, so happy to see him so happy :)

Before Sledge leaves this great state of Queensland for the beautiful snow covered mountains of Victoria we had to take one last trip to our favorite place. So a weekend camping trip was planned and off we went on this farewell adventure in honor of an amazing friend who will be missed here in Queensland but will be creating memories and finding new "favorite places" down south with Alicia.

So without further adieu here are some pictures from our weekend camping adventure at Cooloola.


Bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast right there on the beach next to the ocean. Awesome!



This is the south side of Double Island Point where Max proposed. I have also seen a large number of sharks on this side so I tend to avoid surfing over here. Obviously not everyone shares my feelings about this. Sledge is out there somewhere tearing it up, hehe.



After breakfast and a quick swim, we headed over to the smooth side of Double Island.





You can't really tell from these pictures but it was REALLY windy with a strong current. When we were trying to paddle out it was like going the wrong way up a river- impossible!











[Nerissa and Thomas]



After a few hours at Double Island Point it was time to whip out our newest beach toy and try the hot water shower. YES- I did say HOT WATER shower! I am still not excactly sure how this thing works but we hook it up to the car and some fresh water, flip and switch and VIOLA- we have a shower people!


The boys were really enjoying themselves, haha.



After packing up we headed back to our camping spot for the night. It really was perfect weather- warm and sunny during the day and just cool enough at night to through some logs on the fire. Heaven!



The next morning the sun rose around 4:30/5am and so did the boys. Off they went for a little surfing adventure while Nerissa and I got our beauty sleep.




The adventure ended with nap on the beach under an almost cloudless blue sky.


And although Sledge is moving further down the coast and away from our favourite place we know he will be back again soon because you can never get enough of this place... or great friends.

Good luck with the big move Mark. We are so excited for you and Alicia and the big things to come down in Melbourne!

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