Saturday, December 31, 2011

a family christmas.

I must start this post by asking a favour of you... please disregard the incredibly bad quality of these photos. I was having some serious problems with my camera settings and couldn't seem to get anything right. Diagnosis- much more practice!


On Christmas Eve Eve the stockings were stuffed, the carols were blaring and the smell of pork roast and garlic was filling the house. Christmas Eve Eve was our last night with Byron and so Christmas came early at the de Baugy house.




After Christmas dinner we started opening gifts. Santa was very good to us this year!







(the hat Byron picked out for me- the Gator Nation is EVERYWHERE!)



We decided to get Byron his very own tools this year. I am not so good with the names of all of these tools, but he seemed really excited which is always a good thing! Let me tell you, buying Christmas gifts for a fifteen year old boy isn't easy.




The big gift was a 9 drawer tool box. Whooo hooo!


After all of the gifts were opened the boys headed straight for the shed to find a place for all of Byron's new toys.

Sure it wasn't technically Christmas morning. Sure the sun was setting instead of rising. Sure we had Christmas dinner before opening gifts instead of a big Christmas breakfast in the aftermath of the insanity that is Christmas Morning. But in the end does it really matter where or when you celebrate the holidays? Whether you are at your in-laws house instead of your own or travelling overseas. Whether you are splitting your time between two sides of your family or sick in the hospital. The celebration of a holiday can really be felt anytime you choose to celebrate it.

Having two families and finding the balance during the holidays can be tricky. But instead of making it about one particular day why not celebrate the Tuesday before or the Friday after... or maybe even on Christmas Eve Eve!

It was a wonderful night for our little family and I believe that is what really matters in the end.

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