Thursday, December 29, 2011

fairy light extravaganza.

Hi Friends! Hi Family!

We disappeared for a few days to really soak up the Christmas spirit but are now back and preparing for our New Years Eve camping trip to Rainbow Beach. I honestly think I might need a holiday after this holiday!


We have had a week filled with fairy lights (Christmas lights), green and red wrapping paper and family fun which included a quick trip to the local fairy light extravaganza (not the official name of course... just the one I gave it).


Every year there are many different Christmas decorating competitions held around Brisbane where families register their homes and compete against each other. Im not sure what the winners get... Money? Pride? Free electricity for the month of December??


While I don't see us participating, it is always fun to venture out looking for light displays in the weeks leading up to Christmas. It really gets you in the Christmas mood and reminds me of when I was a little girl driving through different neighborhoods with my mom and brother every night on our way home from swim practice. We would take a different way home each day in search of the best lights we could find. It was fun and something I hope we continue to do with our kids.


This house was listed as a "must see" in our local newspaper and let me just tell you- they were right! It was spectacular!

It turns out the rest of Brisbane heard about these lights too and it was packed when we arrived. Moms and Dads carrying their little ones dressed in Christmas themed jammies, running around mesmerized by the lights. Even with the crowds, it was great.


While these pictures really do no justice to all of the lights that were there, this little Santa riding a kangaroo has to be my favorite. It reminded me of the Santa's riding dolphins that they set up back home in Florida. Gotta love climate themed Santa's :)



So what about you? Any award winning fairy light displays near you??

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