Thursday, December 15, 2011

december projects.

Well my left handedness seems to have gotten the better of me again and I have been crafting up a storm lately!

Project One:

magnetsblog001 copy

This year I decided that I was going to make Christmas gifts for all of the girls at work. I had a really good time making these magnets a few weeks ago and thought it would be fun to try again but with a slightly different twist. This time I used bottle caps and the initial of each person’s first name. With some personalized gift wrap and a little ribbon, these handmade gifts really turned out pretty good (ifidosaysomyself).

magnetsblog002 copy

magnetsblog003 copy

I decided I wanted to make five magnets for each person and of course didn’t really do the math before I began. With 17 people at five magnets each… that turned out to be quite the little project (85 individual magnets in total!) and took me weeks of magazine clipping, gluing and drawing to get these bad boys done.

magnetsblog004 copy

magnetsblog005 copy

I think Max was worried I had disappeared into a black hole of glue and resin. But don’t worry, I came out swinging and was really happy with the end product.

magnetsblog006 copy

I think I might try making some coasters next… watch out I’m on a role!

Project Two:


Two friends of ours are getting married next month and they asked me to make them a picture frame for one of their wedding/engagement photos.


They are having a beautiful beach wedding with a blue theme and wanted something that would match. She also gave me a bunch of shells to use on the frame she had collected from some of their beach trips over the years. I thought using these shells was really special because they are from some of the places they both love most.


Anyway, this is how it turned out in the end. I hope they like it :)

Project Three:

With the SALE going on over in my shop I have had an influx of orders lately. Like this custom made beauty I made for a friend of mine. Isn’t it nice?!?



She didn’t see anything in the shop that exactly matched what she was looking for so she emailed me a few pictures and of what colours she wanted and VIOLA… a custom made display.



What? You want one too?


That’s EASY!

Head on over to my shop, The Yellow Lily, and place your order. Use the discount code: YELLOWLILY11 for 25% off.  Remember, if you don’t see anything there that matches what you are looking for, email me and I will send you the custom order form and we can create something to fit your exact needs.

Project Number Four:

I saw this recipe on Pinterest a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try last night. We always seem to be eating the same thing every week so I think it shocked Max when I put this creamy meal on the table.

Mac and Cheese with Roasted Chicken, Goat Cheese and Rosemary

Of course I didn't follow the recipe exactly (like usual) and added a bit more big chucks of chicken to the top of Max's, but in the end I thought it was pretty good.  Not something I would have every week but is a nice creamy dinner treat to have every now and then. Mine also didn't look nearly as yummy as the picture on the website. I guess I need to work on my presentation!


Well- those are my most current projects for Decemeber.  I would love to hear about what you have you been crafting this month! Go on, I DARE you to write a comment :)

Happy weekend to all... Christmas is just around the corner!

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