Saturday, November 12, 2011

wa- the final chapter.

Our final full day in WA was spent exploring the area. We got up bright and early, loaded ourselves in to the cars and took off for the unknown.  I think Max and Scott had a vague idea of what they wanted to see, but we didn't have any specific plans- which is really the best way to explore in my opinion.

We started off just down the road at the Bunbury lookout. The weather wasn't that great, but you could still see the whole town and all of the bodies of water that surrounded it.




Our next stop was Busselton, which is most known for this 2 kilometre long jetty. 


Fast Jetty Facts: This jetty was built in 1865 and is the longest wooden pier in the southern hemisphere. There is even a tram that takes visitors all the way to the end!


There is a underwater observation chamber at the end of the jetty that allows visitors to look at one the country's best artificial reefs. Apparently it is home to over 300 marine species- but I can't vouch for that because we didn't actually make it to the end of the pier.






We decided to take jumping pictures instead (shocking- I know!).


hehe, this one cracks me up.


Andrew and I had a "jump off." I hate to admit it, but he was way better than me.


Scott wanted nothing to do with our childish games, haha.


After we were done in Busselton, we headed towards the Caves Hotel for lunch. The food was okay, but the building and gardens were amazing!





We went on a little hike through the bush to find the Ngilgi Cave.




Once we got there, we were told it was $20 per person and involved an hour long cave tour.  Since we were on a whirl-wind adventure of WA, we just didn't have the time for the tour so we headed back to the Cave's hotel and ventured on to our next destination.


Stop three: winery.  Western Australia, and more specifically the Margret River region, produces some of Australia's best wines. I wasn't counting but I think we must have passed at least 25 different wineries during our trip. 


This place was BEAUTIFUL! They had this amazingly perfect lawn and abstract art sculptures all over the property.




The sun finally came out in full and just made everything sparkel. I probably could have spent and entire day there on the grass with a cold glass of wine and cheese platter (can't forget the CHEESE!).



Our final stop was Gracetown, just north of Margret River. It was a tiny little town with a cute little beach and old school beach shacks.




Although we didn't get to see and do everything, it was a great day of exploring and leaves us with a long list of things to do and see next time we visit.

Early Sunday morning before we left Matt and Val's, Max's Auntie Carole and Uncle Cole came over to visit. Auntie Carole is Val's sister and lives about 2 hours south of them. It was really great to meet more of my extended family!

[Top: Matt, Val, Carole, Cole- Bottom: Scott, Andrew, Max, me]

Because we spent most of this trip visiting with family and friends, we didn't see much of the city. Just before we left for the airport, Max took me to Kings Park where there was an excellent view of downtown Perth.


Even though it was raining, I still think the city looks pretty great. Next time we will have to spend a day walking around here as well.


Well, that is it for our trip to Perth.  Even though we were only there for 2.5 days, we got to see and do so much! I met some of Max's friends, new family members, celebrated a special birthday, visited with family, saw new places, tasted some wine, went on a nature walk.... I am already looking forward to our next trip!

ps. A map of our adventures for those of you who are not familiar with WA (like me!)
A: Padbury- Warren and Monica's house (near where Max grew up)
B: Cottesloe- Where the shark attack happened- yikes!
C: Fremantle- Where the markets where
D: Eaton- Where Matt and Val live
E: Bunbury- Larger town near Matt and Val
F: Busselton- Where the 2km jetty and jumping competition happened :)
G: Gracetown- Our last stop on the tour of WA
(and Perth is up there right next to point B)

Screen shot 2011-11-13 at 4.59.16 PM

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  1. Thanks for the tour of WA. Looks like a great place to explore! So much to see and do.


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