Thursday, November 17, 2011

the thursday that should be friday.

I woke up today wishing it was Friday. I know what you are thinking… but Thursday is so close to Friday it is almost like the same day. At least it is not MONDAY. But today might as well be Monday because that is how far away Friday feels…

Random Thursday thoughts:

1. The President of the United States arrived in Australia yesterday. He brought 200 secret services agents, 6 doctors and took out $50,000 worth of insurance in case of a crocodile attack during his 2 hour visit to Cairns. I guess when you are considered one of the most powerful people in the world you don’t travel very light.

2. About 5 weeks ago they moved my morning radio show to the afternoon and let me tell you- I was not happy about it. I spend 10 hours a week in my car driving to and from work. While I don’t listen to the radio all morning every morning, I did really enjoy Meshel, Tim and Marty (the morning show people). They made me laugh. Out loud. At 7:30am. That is pretty impressive if you ask me. Anyway, this morning as I was driving to work and I found myself laughing… out loud… at something the new morning show team said. I guess that means I am getting use to them- but I still miss the old guys!

3. You know when people pass you in the hall at work and say, “Hi, how are you?” I always reply, “Not bad.” Sometimes I even say, “Not too bad.” It is just habit I guess but I think I am going change that. There are so many other, more friendly and positive things I could say like “Great” or “Wonderful” or “Just Peachy” (Okay, maybe not that last one). But then again- what if I was having a really bad day. Would it be okay to reply, “Really crappy actually. Thanks for asking!”


4. I don’t have my next trip to America planned and that makes me really uncomfortable. I need a specific date and trip planned so that I have something to count down to. My dear friend Whitney started me on my ‘countdown’ obsession back in 2008 when we would count down to every major (or minor) event that was happening in our lives. I need to revive the countdown… and I NEED to plan my next trip to the good ol’ USA!

5. I love my iphone but sometimes when I check my email on there I forget to write people back. Sorry Jen… Sorry Mrs Donna… Sorry Erin. I will write you back TONIGHT!

6. It is starting to get really, really hot here in Brisbane and we all know what that means… SNAKES! Yes, all of the deadly snakes come out this time of year to enjoy the sunshine as well. We have beautiful parklands with heaps of walking and running paths, a cafĂ©, a park, kids water equipment, etc right next to my work. But before the parklands existed that whole area was just a breeding ground for snakes (and other creatures I am sure). Anyway, now that the sun is out there have been several sightings of king brown snakes hanging out around the parklands. Every afternoon this week I have gotten in to my car and thought to myself… ‘what if a snake found its way in to my car and comes out near my feet while I am driving!? What would I do!?!’ Is this a rational thought? Probably not. But I can tell you it has freaked me out for days now.

Well, that is all for now. Have a happy Thursday because tomorrow is FRIDAY!


  1. Will you guys do anything for Thanksgiving?

  2. We are working on Thanksgiving :( I think I will make something to display at work though. Any ideas??

  3. Ummm I think you are going to be planning a trip to the States!!! Right????? :)


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