Tuesday, November 1, 2011

that time of year.

My two most favouritest (yes, I know this is not a real word) things about this time of year in Brisbane- in no particular order of course!

1. MANGO SEASON!!! To be honest, I had never even tried a mango before moving to Queensland. During my short stint (5 days to be exact) as a lemon picker/backpacker, I was introduced to mangos by a German girl… or was she Swedish?? Anyway, she lived in my hostel, so I guess you could say we were roomies. She spoke no English and was overall just a bit off. Nonetheless, she was the first person to teach me how to eat a mango.


Actually, the first time I tried a mango I was less than impressed.  But somewhere along the line I changed my mind and became obsessed.


Every year I wait and wait for mango season to come around. At the beginning of the season they are usually $5 each (which is a bit pricey) but by the end of the season they are growing on all of your neighbours trees and become FREE. However, picking your neighbours fruit trees might be considered stealing so I would never consider such a thing (wink, wink).


How to cut a mango: start by cutting out the pit. This is the hardest part, but trust me- it is worth it!


Next, make horizontal and vertical cuts on each half of the mango.


The last step, before eating it of course, is to flip it inside out by pushing in the middle of the skin side. Viola, perfect mango eating goodness!

2. PURPLE SNOW!!  Aka: Blooming Jacaranda Trees.  Apparently these trees are native to South America (thank you Wikipedia) but let me tell you, they are ALL OVER Brisbane.  They only bloom like this once a year and when they bloom, you know about it!  Everywhere you look there are purple flowers.  


In some areas it truly looks like it is snowing purple.  They are just BEAUTIFUL!





So there you have it- my top two favourite things about living in Brisbane in the Spring.  What is your favourite thing about the season you are in, in the place you live?

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  1. the last pic reminds me of twilight. and I too love a mango.


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