Tuesday, November 22, 2011

grown men and their toys.

Remember Byron’s birthday last month and the tricycle he was dying to get...?

Last weekend while Brett and Max were pondering important things like world peace and the global financial crisis in the shed they came across an ingenious idea. Maybe they needed blue tricycles as well! The next thing I knew, Max and Brett were in the car driving to Toy ’R’ Us to buy Huffy Sliders of their very own. Children.


We did check the box and it seems that these trikes are made for people up to 180lbs, but just look at the age of the person on the box. Something tells me the guy who thought up this toy had no idea grown men would be building and riding them in their spare time.


I didn’t notice the very obvious sticker over the age recommendation until the box was thrown away and I was looking at this picture on the computer. I wonder what it says under that sticker. Veeeery suspicious if you ask me…



Max and Brett spent the next few hours building their sliders. I really thought after the last ‘building of the trike experience’ that they would be masters at putting these things together.  Turns out it was still confusing and took just as long as the first time. 





You can imagine Byron’s surprise when he arrived home after work to find his beloved dad with a HUFFY SLIDER of his very own.



I went out for a friend’s birthday that night and unfortunately missed out on the joy and excitement of the three amigos as they took to the streets of the neighbourhood with their makeshift headlights and riding gloves.


As I crawled into bed at 1am that night, Max rolled over and told me stories of their night on the streets. Stories of bloodshed, giant hills and sore legs.  As much as I don’t really understand the appeal of these sliders, I am glad it keeps the boys in my life so entertained!

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