Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the meaning of college in australia.

So, the other day I posted some amazing news on my Facebook status… Byron was accepted into the Australian Trade College!! We are so proud of him for getting in and excited about the new things to come for him in 2012.

Of course after reading all of your comments it dawned on me that most of my friends and family back in America might be a bit confused as to why Byron would be starting ‘college’ at fifteen. I guess I will start this explanation by first providing you with two Australian to American translations that might help:

Australian = American
College = Private High School
Uni or University = College

In Australia, the term "college" has several different meanings depending on what state you live in, but in Queensland the term college is used by some private secondary institutions (high schools), although some newer schools which accept primary (elementary) and high school students are being called "State College", while schools which offer only secondary education are called "State High School".

Does that clear things up a bit?

Basically, Byron will be doing his last two years of high school (11 & 12) at the Australian Trade College where he will complete his regular schooling but also start his apprenticeship for his trade- which is carpentry. He will be doing 4 weeks at college and 4 weeks on-the-job training. At the end of Year 12 (12th Grade) he will have completed 45% of his apprenticeship and move directly in to his remaining two years of trade school. I guess the best comparison would be when I took university level courses while I was still in high school. I was able to get ahead by studying a few subjects while still in high school and applied them to my bachelor’s degree once I got to the University of Florida. Same goes for Byron, only he isn’t going to “Uni” but will be getting his trade instead.

Make sense??

Anyway, we are VERY EXCITED about this and getting Byron started with something that actually interests him. We are really looking forward to next year and this new chapter for him… and us, hehe!

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  1. We are excited for Byron too! This is a wonderful step for him to take. Great opportunity!!!


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