Monday, November 14, 2011

etsy christmas sale.


Well- it is that time of year when we should all start thinking about the holidays and preparing the “to do list”. I, for one, have not even started to think about what to buy, much less actually buying anything. Sigh....

But, I have good news!


For those of you who enjoy handmade things and are looking for something to give that person who already has everything, I direct you to my etsy shop- The Yellow Lily. We started our HOLIDAY SALE yesterday and you are all invited to take part :)


Use the code YELLOWLILY11 for a 25% DISCOUNT upon checkout.

Don’t forget, we make custom displays as well, so if you want something specific (special size, design or colour) just email or message me and I'll send you the request form!

In the meantime- check out the Etsy website for millions of unique gift ideas from people all over the world and support those who make their crafty hobbies into a job! <- Lucky!

Ps. Do you like the new look? I designed these graphics for the shop yesterday (trying to freshen things up) and am just not sure I love them.  What do you think?
[My new business card]

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