Wednesday, November 16, 2011

date night.

It is not very often that Max and I get to go on a date night with just the two of us. Of course we talk about it and might even get to the point where we think of a specific activity that we would like to do- but something usually comes up and it just doesn’t end up happening. Even now, with no young children, we still can’t seem to find the time or energy to dedicate to a mid-week date night. Maybe we are just getting old or working too much. Old… working too much. Old… working too much… okay it is probably both.



Either way, last Tuesday I read about the Openair Cinemas at South Bank and immediately put it on my “we should really do this” list. But after a few minutes on the website I decided- no, I should bump this idea up and put it on my “we will do this on Thursday” list. After a quick text to Max about his willingness to participate in my “secret date night”, I purchased the tickets and set our plans in stone. It turns out that this was the last week of their season here in Brisbane so it was a really good thing I moved this idea up my to do list! It also helped that they were showing Crazy, Stupid, Love which I have been wanting to see for weeks. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE Ryan Gosling?!?


The Openair Cinema is was set up directly on the Brisbane River along the path where I went on a bike ride a few weeks ago. It is outside, under the stars and overlooking the city skyline. Although it has been getting ridiculously hot here during the days, Thursday night’s weather was just perfect for snuggling in a beanbag with a blanket under the stars. It was excellent!


Apparently there is a lot more to the Openair Cinema Events that we will definitely need to get involved with next year (live music on Sundays, tasty food, frosty beverages, FREE Ben & Jerry’s ice cream <- they are the event sponsor). The Openair Cinema’s next stop is Bondi Beach in Sydney and then on to St Kilda in Melbourne. If you are anywhere near these areas I would suggest you make time in your schedule to squeeze in a date night at the Openair Cinema. It is fun, different and a new way to see your favourite movie!



So what do you do for your date nights? Any good ideas?

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